Rediscovering the The Yamaha Revstar


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Yamaha Revstar (Hot Merlot)

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Around a year ago, I got my hands on a guitar that I have unintentionally overlooked - the Yamaha Revstar. Despite its noteworthy qualities, I found myself not playing or even thinking about it as much as I should have. Today, I decided to dust it off, fit it with fresh strings, and rediscover the allure that this instrument holds.

The Revstar journey began five years ago when I was sent this guitar. At that time, I was engrossed in a YouTube channel series titled 'Gear Talk with Rhett.' This series allowed me to dive deep into the various elements of music, focusing particularly on guitar gear.

After consistently producing 'Gear Talk with Rhett' for about three years, I decided to shift my focus towards other pursuits as the segment began to feel repetitive. However, I recently found myself missing this series, yearning for the diversity and vibrancy it added to my work. This realization led to the resurrection of 'Gear Talk with Rhett,' albeit with a more diverse agenda.

The reinvigorated 'Gear Talk with Rhett' will not merely focus on guitar gear but will delve into the various aspects of music production. This includes everything from mics and synthesizers to recording gear that is crucial for creating and recording music. The aim is to make it a more inclusive and comprehensive segment, bringing the audience closer to the various intricacies of music production.

This revival is significantly aided by our solid relationship with Sweetwater, who are happy to sponsor and send virtually any piece of gear we wish to discuss on the channel. The goal is to provide the audience with genuine, transparent reviews, whether it's a shining endorsement or a stark critique.

Now, circling back to the Revstar. It's a guitar manufactured in Indonesia, featuring a mahogany body, maple cap, and a carbon-reinforced neck for improved stability. The guitar also features a unique tailpiece system and electronics, which make it quite a distinctive modern instrument. Despite being so well-equipped and competitively priced, the Revstar isn't as popular as it should be, and here's why.

Yamaha as a brand has a broad range of products, including some of the world's finest pianos, impressive dirt bikes, and high-quality jet skis. However, their marketing strategy for guitars, particularly the Revstar, falls a bit short. Its name, 'Hot Merlot,' while distinctive, doesn't quite resonate with guitar enthusiasts.

This lack of market traction for the Revstar isn't a reflection of its quality or performance. In fact, this guitar offers excellent build quality, impressive features, and stellar sound – all at a highly affordable price point. In my opinion, few guitars in this price range can compete with the Revstar. But Yamaha's somewhat muddled branding in the guitar space has perhaps kept it away from the limelight.

Despite these marketing hiccups, the Yamaha Revstar is indeed an overlooked gem. The range of sounds it offers, coupled with its well-crafted fretwork and competitive price, makes it a guitar worth considering. However, Yamaha will need to improve their branding and promotion if they hope to get this well-made, versatile, and stylish guitar into the hands of more players.

In conclusion, I'd love to know your thoughts on the Yamaha Revstar and whether my take on this instrument resonates with you. Let's make 'Gear Talk with Rhett' a platform where we can freely discuss gear, tools, and techniques, not just in the guitar world, but across all aspects of music production. So if you're interested in learning more about the Revstar or any other music gear, stay tuned to this space.

Thank you for taking the time to read, see you in the next one.

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