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Rhett Shull

HX Stomp Rhett's Amps V2

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My favorite amps, on your pedalboard.

Version 2 of my amp pack for the HX Stomp features my favorite amps and sounds in the Helix eco system. These presets are designed to integrate into your existing pedalboard/rig and act as the amp and cabinet with some effects that I felt fit the feel of each preset. This pack uses stock cabinets, but will take IR’s very well.

Some presets like the 80’s Vibe and Swellabration are standalone effects presets that utilize existing amp rigs to create unique effects that I find useful in a variety of situations.

Hear The Presets

Each preset recorded with a Novo Serus T and the Stomp direct into a UA Apollo X8p Into Logic X with minimal post processing.