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Rhett Shull

Pod Go Rhett's Amps

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My favorite amps, now on Pod Go

The Pod Go really punches above its weight class in my opinion, with the same sounds and processing as the Helix on board you can really dial in some great sounds. This pack is my first Pod Go release and much like the “Rhett’s Amps” Helix presets they’re designed to be useful for the player thats looking for great cleans, edge of breakup and classic pushed amp tones.

For this pack Im using my own IR’s instead of the stock cabs which really helps these presets feel more like an amp under a mic, and for most rigs Im using stereo delay and reverb.

Each preset has 4 snapshots that utilize that particular rig’s potential to cover as much ground as possible, and each preset also has its own unique blend of effects and processing to give you the most flexibility while utilizing all of the available DSP.

Hear The Presets

Each example was recorded direct into a UA Apollo X8p into Luna with minimal post processing.