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Rhett Shull

Rhett's Amps V1 for Axe-FX III

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This pack is compatible with the Axe-FX III these 10 presets are my most used sounds in the Axe-FX and range from lush cleans to edge of breakup sounds from the best American & British amps of the last 60 years, as well as some great saturated medium gain tones from the classic amps you’d expect.

Presets Included:

-RS 64 Top Boost

-RS AC-20 Deluxe

-RS Ahrange AD30

-RS DC-30

-RS Deluxe Tweed

-RS FTR 37

-RS JTM 45

-RS Mr. Z 38

-RS Two-Rawk

-RS Whole Lotta


Hear The Sounds: Novo Serus J with P90’s and minimal post processing.