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Rhett Shull

Rhett's Amps Version 3

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More amps is more better.

Version 3.0 of my favorite amp presets on the Helix platform. These are the best sounding presets yet, after years of experience on Helix, taking advantage of some new features in the latests OS and moving to my own IR’s to replace the stock cabinets Im really happy with the results.

Like the previous “Rhett’s Amps” packs, each preset has its own unique blend of effects, and 4 snapshots that take advantage of each rig in a unique way. I make these presets to be great jumping off points to tailor to your own needs, or to be ready to run in any situation.

If you’re looking for good cleans, responsive edge of breakup and classic pushed amp tones then this pack is for you.

Hear The Presets

Each example recorded into UA Apollo X8p using Luna with minimal post processing.