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Rhett Shull

Rhett's Cabs Impulse Response Pack

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Lifelike captures of my favorite cabinets.

I captured 4 of my most used and loved cabinets so I could use them across my modeling amps and pedals. My goal with these IR’s was to capture a “natural” amp in the room response, so many IR’s Ive played sound like you’re listening to the speaker on its own rather than the combination of the speaker, cabinet & microphone which lends a more lifelike feel in my opinion. I used a wide variety of dynamic, ribbon and large diaphragm condenser mics in combination with high quality outboard mic preamps and compressors to get the highest quality captures I could and Im very happy with the result.

Included with this pack are 4 cabinets including both open and closed back 1x12 & 2x12 options with ceramic and AlNiCo speakers. Each cabinet includes individual mic captures in 3 positions each, as well as blended files with 2 mics to give you as many options as possible no matter what modeling platform you’re using.

Included Cabinets For Helix, HX Stomp, Kemper, Iridium, AxeFx, Quad Cortex and IR Loaders

  • D/13 2x12 Open Back

    • Loaded with a G12H 30 and AlNiCo Blue

    • Captures of individual speakers & both speakers blended

  • Highwatt 2x12 Closed Back

    • Loaded with “Fame” speakers

    • Individual & blended files

  • Morg 1x12 Open Back

    • Includes AlNioCo Gold and UK made Green Back 25 captures

    • Individual & blended files for both speakers

  • Tweed 1x12 Open Back

    • Loaded with AlNiCo Blue thats well broken in

    • Individual & blended files